How to divide tiles

Teach me how to split tiles

I will teach you how to split tiles for those who are having trouble with how to split tiles.

“How should I do it?” “Will I fail?” “What should I do to prepare?”


The first thing to prepare is the mat. A cut carpet sold at a home center can be used as a cushion.
Cardboard etc. is fine.

When the tile cracks, the block falls down. At this time, there is quite a shock and broken tiles fall from above, so
It is recommended to lay cushioning material to prevent damage to the floor.

Next, lay a blue sheet.
Fragments of tiles may scatter in a range of about 1 meter in diameter.
If you lay out a blue sheet, it will be easy to clean up afterward.

Then put the block
It’s sold at home centers.

The point to note when placing blocks is to make the blocks and blocks as wide as possible.
If the space is narrow, when the tile is broken, it will be difficult to fall off and it will be difficult to break.

The reason for using concrete blocks is that they firmly support the roof tiles.
This is because the height of the block is just the right height that makes it easy to apply force.

Place the tile on the block.
It is heavy to put 10 sheets at once, so 5 sheets each is recommended.

Explanation of how to divide

Finish with a towel and you’re done.

First, put a supporter with a cushion on your hand.
By attaching a supporter, you can protect your fists when breaking roof tiles.

Before breaking a tile, I get very nervous. My heart throbs.
This tension is one of the pleasures of breaking tiles, so please enjoy the tension.

The trick to splitting tiles is to swing your fist down with your weight, aiming straight down the tile toward the center.

If the fist swings diagonally, the force will not be transmitted to the bottom, so the crack will remain.
Please transmit power to the bottom.

If you apply too much force, you will hit the edge.

No split ends. Is painful.

Stand in a position where you can easily swing your fist down.
It’s easier to swing your fist straight down from the side than from the front.

If you place the feet next to the block, the block will fall or the roof tiles will fall, so
Do not place your feet next to blocks.

Be sure to put it behind the block.

The key to breaking tiles is spirit.
Please keep your spirits up while shouting.

Before breaking the tiles, please try to break the tiles after getting your spirits up.

If you muster up your courage and swing your fist down, the roof tiles will shatter into pieces.
At this point, you will feel the greatest sense of accomplishment.
You can experience the best sense of accomplishment when you finish breaking all the tiles.
And you can become a hero with cheers from the audience.

Recommended allocation

There is a way to crack the fist and swing it down like a hammer.
This method of splitting is easier to apply power and less likely to miss the point, so it is recommended.
This is easier for people with weak strength, such as women.